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Product Name : ABBA Linear Guide

Linear Guide

Linear guide is designed to support the movement and load of the equipment in a linear way, either vertically or horizontally. Linear guides are used in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. For example, you will commonly see linear guides of different sizes and styles used in CNC machines and 3D printers, including in smaller home printers and larger 3D industrial printers. If you need a system that requires high precision, high rigidity, and long life, a linear guide is a perfect solution.


Material: High Carbon Steel with Medium Frequency Induction Treatment
 Hardness: HRC58-62



1.  BR lubrication reservoir kit (patent)

2.  Equivalent load capacities in four directions

3.  Smooth running due to new ball-circulation

4.  High rigidity-4-row angular contact

5.  International standard dimension

6.  High accuracy and low friction

7.  High speed, low noise

8.  Integral all-round sealing

9.  Interchangeability

10. Green production

11. Long operating life with long-term automatic maintenance of lubricating oil film protection on the rail


Maintenance and Usage:

1. Linear Guide products will be rust-proofed before shipment. Therefore, before using this product, please clean the anti-rust oil first. And then please fill in with lubricant oil immediately.

2. Linear Guide was equipped with self-lubricating system (may be different all depends on the model no.) which greatly saves the lubricants cost as well as reduces the maintenance frequency. Please check the operating conditions regularly. If there is no oil film on the surface of the rails, please fill in the lubricants immediately.

3. Do not disassemble the block by yourself, please avoid foreign matter entering the block, which may affect the accuracy and shorten the service life.

4. Do not use at the environment higher than 80 degrees Celsius, it may damage the seals of the product and shorten the service life.


Interchangeability Notice:

1.     Check the assembly height (H)

2.     Check the assembly width (W2)

3.     Check the block length (L)

4.     Check the block length (L1)

5.     Check the hole quantity and pitches on the block (B x J)

6.     Check the rail width (W1)

7.     Check the pitch of the rail (F)

8.     Check the hole diameter and rail size (d x D x h)

9.     Please advise the (G) value in your order

10.  Check the (E) value to prevent the block from grinding the surface of the machine